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Federation of Ethnic Minority Healthcare Organisations

The Federation of Ethnic Minority Healthcare Organisations (FEMHO) is based in the UK and brings together self-governed ethnic minority health and social care organisations. The aim is to improve and enhance the interests for ethnic minority organisations in the UK.

FEMHO is driven to support the rights and interests of all member organisations, helping to provide a voice for the ethnic minority health and social care organisations that we represent. As it currently stands, there are clear inequalities when it comes to ethnic minorities in the UK but FEMHO has a goal of influencing policy makers, commissioners, regulators and opinion formers across a local and national level to help make a change.

As a group of ethnic minority healthcare organisations, we strive to make a difference and change the face of healthcare for those from ethnic minority backgrounds

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Who We Are

Who We Are

We aim to achieve successful outcomes and change for our communities.

The Federation consists of ethnic minority members and allies in organisations that have a primary purpose in health and social care. We believe that ethnic communities require powerful representation and that’s why we strive to create a better healthcare world that is free from inequalities. As a result, our membership clearly reflects a high level of diversity and this underpins the true meaning of the Federation and what it sets out to achieve. There is clear evidence that there are some differences between how care is delivered, so we want change that.

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