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FEMHO is focused on providing individuals, healthcare associations and networks with the opportunity to work collectively to help support and improve health and social care interests for ethnic minorities in the UK.

As a member, individuals and organisations will become part of a union that stands for the rights and interests of member organisations with the aim of creating one, powerful voice.

Membership will provide an opportunity for all to influence policy makers, regulators, commissioners and opinion formers both locally and nationally. The federation aims to improve the outcomes that will influence its vision with the aim of reducing inequalities in healthcare for ethnic minorities in the UK.

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For ethnic minorities in UK


Collaborate, engage, change and empower

As a wide-reaching and diverse federation, our member organisations will support each other to achieve a common goal and with more than 40 organisations, it is gaining momentum. This allows organisations in ethnic health care and social care sectors to support change. Collectively, it’s about being stronger and by becoming a member of FEMHO, this will only improve.

FEMHO believes in diversity and that’s why it consists of a range of organisations from across the UK. Our member organisations will have the scope to collaborate, engage, change and empower each other to represent and progress their interests. This will translate into improvements when it comes to abolishing inequality while providing healthcare and social care providers the scope to achieve more. This will help to deliver a better level of accessible care that ensures ethnic minorities in the UK have the support they require.

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