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We consist of 40+ different groups

Our Campaigns

Our Campaigns

As a federation, we are focused on campaigning for the rights and beliefs of our individuals, groups and networks that represent ethnic minority clinicians, researchers and ancillary workers. At our very core sits a desire and determination to ensure that we reduce the experiences of discrimination when it comes to healthcare and social care.

Equality and a lack of diversity filter through the health and social care workplaces and into our communities. One of our latest campaigns is to provide our insight, experience and knowledge for the Covid-19 public inquiry as we believe that we are best positioned to provide relevant information that can have a significant impact on the findings of the inquiry.

As we consist of 40 different groups, our campaign is underpinned by our ability to reach far and wide and this is especially important when it comes to our Covid-19 inquiry campaign.

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A Powerful Campaign


A Lack of Clarity

It is a known fact that ethnic minority health and social care workers were severely impacted during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The mortality rate among health and social care workers was higher than most other ethnicities and this has become a serious concern of ours in relation to the inquiry.

With little record with regard to the racial and ethnic identity of those being infected, we believe that this raises serious questions about the lack of consistency when it comes to health inequalities and how these have an impact that can relate to race and ethnic origin.

Our campaign poses a wide range of questions because we believe that faster action and further steps could have been taken to help dissolve these inequalities and ensure that everyone was afforded the correct level of protection during the first phase of the pandemic.

The figures clearly indicate that ethnic minority health and social care workers are overrepresented in frontline roles yet, at a senior management level with the NHS and across other areas of health and social care, they are underrepresented.

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Covid 19 Action Plan

Through our members, we believe that these are prominent and powerful questions that have to be asked because our campaign is underpinned by an understanding that more could have been done. Our campaign aims to provide our experience and the key questions that we believe should have been a part of the Covid-19 action plan when dealing with the disease throughout the pandemic.

This inquiry is an opportunity for issues to be identified, the reasons to be understood and for lessons to be learned. This should help to provide clear insight into how the BAME workforce and communities suffered as a result while it should also lead to recommendations that can prepare us better in the future. It will also help to shape a more diverse and equal workforce and that will only stand us in better stead when it comes to assisting communities.